Do you need support helping students understand healthy relationships? Or want to help those affected by domestic abuse?

There are 130,000 children in the UK living in homes with domestic abuse, where there’s a high risk of murder or serious injury. 62% of children who are exposed to domestic abuse are also directly harmed.

“Every time I felt scared I wanted to go into my room, curl up into a ball and start screaming.” –  Chloe, aged 14*

“I worry about school phoning home when I’ve been in trouble, because then dad takes it out on mum. It’s my fault.” – David, aged 13*

* To protect identities, names have been changed.

Relationships without Fear

Relationships without Fear is an education and prevention programme that aims to break the cycle of domestic abuse by reducing the likelihood of children and young people experiencing it in their current and future relationships. This is done by giving them the knowledge, skills and advice to help them to recognise an abusive relationship, understand it is a crime, seek appropriate help, and support them to create their own, unique safety plan.

It challenges the attitudes and stigma surrounding perceptions of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and responds to changes in social challenges that children and young people face.

Arch provides a full six week schools programme which is aimed at children and young people from Year 4 to Year 11, as well as a shorter course available to youth clubs and groups. Each programme is tailored to match the age and ability, with relevant and relatable group activities, discussions and resources.

Relationships without Fear is currently available to schools in North Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire.

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Girl Power 

Teens today are facing issues that generations before have never faced, such as cyber-bullying, constant access to social media and exposure to violence. Many teens struggle to be accepted, both by the outside world and by themselves and often think behaviours, such as teasing and name calling, are a ‘normal’ part of a relationship. These behaviours can become abusive and develop into more serious forms of violence if not identified and recognised early.

Girl Power is a group programme which aims to show teenage girls what healthy relationships look like, helping improving their own self-worth and confidence. The project also teaches girls about risky situations they may find themselves in, how to keep themselves safe, consent and how to access support.

In addition to the group work, we do a weekly drop in and encourage their families to look at what support is needed to move forward together once the programme has ended.

Young Persons Violence Advisers (YPVA) & Children and Young People Practitioners

1:1 support is available for children aged 5 – 19 in North Staffordshire, who have or are living with domestic abuse or are in their own abusive relationship.

Each child or young person will be met in a safe place by their support worker to complete a needs assessment, provide tailored support and make an action plan.  Support includes safety planning, work on healthy and unhealthy relationships and their understanding, feelings and emotions as well looking at any additional support needs that the young person may have.

For bookings or enquiries please contact Sarah Buckley at or 01782 222413

**Did you hear us on Signal 1 discussing the success of our Girl Power programme with Stoke on Trent Sixth Form? Listen here