Meet retired IT worker David.

David joined us last September, and decided to volunteer in our supported housing team. He comes into the office every Tuesday, and spends the day visiting customers and offering or arranging support.

“I hadn’t worked in supported housing before,” explains David, “and I didn’t really know a lot about it but I liked the look of Arch, and was excited about the challenge.”

The type of support offered by our volunteers is varied as each customer has completely different needs. For example one customer; Jackie,* had recently undergone a major operation. Before the operation, Jackie struggled to walk and had become housebound which destroyed a lot of her confidence.

Since January, David and the team have been supporting Jackie and helping to rebuild her confidence. Jackie has even decided to volunteer herself to help fellow customers in the future.

Another example is customer Harry*. Harry wanted to get involved with fitness but couldn’t bring himself to join a new gym. With support, Harry has now been able to find a gym he feels comfortable using and what’s more, volunteer David has even found a local football team for Harry to join.

“The best thing about volunteering is being able to help others,” says David.

“It can sometimes be something really small, like showing a customer how to use the internet so they can reconnect with friends and family, which brings the most joy.

“If you are interested in volunteering I would definitely recommend it, one small thing can make such a difference to another person’s life.”

*names changed