Last week we met Robin* who decided to share her volunteering story in aid of #VolunteersWeek.

Robin began receiving support from Arch Supported Housing two years ago after she was moved into a temporary shelter. Although housing was Robin’s main priority we also asked her to consider speaking to one of our volunteers.

“I really didn’t want any of the volunteers to visit me at first” says Robin. “I was in quite a bad place and didn’t trust many people after an abusive relationship”

“After a while I decided to give it a try, and after a couple of weeks I started to look forward to my volunteer visiting. One of the best things about my volunteer was having somebody to talk to, and also somebody to help me pay my bills and contact utility companies, which I had struggled with before”

“I wouldn’t be without my volunteers now. They really have been there for me and helped me to rebuild my life. Before, I was very low but now I am confident, strong and able to volunteer myself at the local CAB!”

If you are interested in volunteering take a look at our current opportunities here, or give us a call on 01782 744533.