A school girl, along with Newcastle-based 4FiTT gym, has raised over £250 for people who have been affected by domestic abuse.

13 year old, Ruby heard about the work Arch do after the gym her mum goes to started fundraising for the charity.

Ruby says: “I’m doing my Duke of Edinburgh and part of it is to fundraise. After hearing about all the work that Arch do, I just had to get involved in raising money for them.”

Callum and Liam from 4FiTT gym heard about Arch after meeting some of their staff on a course: “they told me about what Arch do and that at the time their funding had been pulled, and we really wanted to help out.

“At the gym, we’re a community and we love helping people, it’s our whole ethos really. We work closely with the hospital, helping people to tackle mental health, and so when we heard about Arch we just had to get involved.”

Ruby and the gym have hosted a number of events such as sponsored runs, raffles, cake sales and even sponsored classes, to raise money.

The gym instructors added: “With the help of Ruby we’ve raised £250 so far this year, but we’re not stopping there! We’ve got plans to do lots more!”

Sarah from Arch said: “We’re so grateful for people like Ruby and 4FiTT that get involved because they help us to spread awareness to the wider community.”

“Partnerships like the one with the gym are really important. By introducing the subject of domestic abuse into a really stereotypical masculine environment, it helps to remove stigma related to abuse and masculinity.”

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