Today on #StartsatHomeDay 2019 Arch customer Jamie is sharing his story to highlight the many positives of supported housing!

“When I moved into Arch’s Citywide Supported Housing I was in a bad way. I was coming off drugs and had lost my home. I was no longer seeing my son and was falling back into bad habits quickly. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

It was at that point I admitted to myself how bad things were. I knew I needed to turn things around, it was scary but I knew I had to do it. I started to open up to people and allow them to support me. From then on things started to improve. I was finally doing it for myself.

The staff at Arch valued me and really believed in me. I was so excited when they asked me if I’d be a peer mentor…

A peer mentor is someone who has gone through a situation who is then asked to help someone currently going through that same situation. It was scary at first but the training helped me recognise my own danger signs. It really helped me realise what I’d been doing wrong and helped me reflect upon my own experiences.

Being a peer mentor is eye opening. It has given me a greater perspective on lot’s of things especially who are my true friends. I know what kind of future I want now!

The experience of being a mentor is also great for my CV. I have so many more skills now which will help me move onto different roles when I’m ready.

My time with Arch has been emotional. I never realised just how bad my situation was, I was burying my head and sweeping things under the carpet whereas now I’m in a much better place able to deal with things. Most importantly I’ve now got my own tenancy, my own home, my own space!

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