This International Women’s Day, we’re sharing a poem written by a domestic abuse survivors at the Sunrise Centre.

The Centre helps anyone who has left an abusive relationship and are ready to take the next steps to a new, independent life. We offer support to help people rebuild their confidence and self-esteem, take back control of their lives and return to education, employment or training.


I sat at home

feeling alone

Surrounded by material stuff

And a hubby who was calling my bluff

If I threatened to leave, he’d ruin my life

Unfortunately, I believed and remained his wife.


He liked to bully, to shout and hit.

But the worst was when he covertly did it

For years and years I told no one

Not my friends or family, not even my mum.


I carried on thinking, was this my life?

I would have to continue being his abused wife

Then out of the blue, a lovely lady said

This can change even though you’ve made your bed

Things can be better

I will refer you to the Sunrise Centre.


I started the courses, what a relief

At last the support in my hours of grief

The Sunrise was my saviour

The Sunrise saved my life

The Sunrise made me realise

I deserved better than being his abused wife.   


The beauty of Sunrise, it’s a safe place for the abused

It teaches us to be confident and start our lives anew

I’m leaving with my freedom

Toolkit skills and the rest

And a new faith in others, and a new friends who is the best.


My hurt my anger and my self-deprecation

Has been nurtured and explained to me

By the wonderful Sunrise staff

Who helped my journey to understand

And freedom.